Lessons Learned

IMG_68Thoughts about the large mass of ambulances and firetrucks I passed moments earlier floated through my mind as the line of stand still traffic on the other side of the highway seemed to never end. I prayed everybody was okay especially due to the stormy weather and road conditions. Read More »


I stopped writing publicly because all the twists and turns my life was taking were far too personal to share. This year has truly been what feels like a battle of myself against the world. I have more good days than bad lately and I am so proud of the progress I have made, but I certainly have many more miles of ground to cover.Read More »


I’m currently on a much needed family vacation.

On the flight to our destination, my sister asked if I wanted to watch Kevin Hart’s most recent stand up comedy “What Now?” with her. I was all for it considering I hate flying and love Kevin Hart. It was the perfect light hearted distraction until we were back on land as was laughed the time away. Read More »

What if She’s an Angel?

I was on my way home Monday night, singing my little heart out to “Funny” by Tori Kelly. It was somewhere near the beginning of the end of the song when I started to believe I was Beyoncé in front of a sea of people. I felt so much ridiculousness radiating off of me that I thought to myself, “It’s a lucky thing nobody has to witness this dreadful karaoke moment.”

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Just do it

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

If there was a queen of starting projects just to leave them in the dust, I would be crowned. I blame my attention span or lack thereof, but I’ll admit it. I’m a chronic hobby quitter. Although I do consider myself a semi-professional scroller of social media, I’m often left feeling uninspired and 140 characters is not quite enough for this racing mind.

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