Mind Over Matter

It’s Tangled Perfection’s one month blog-a-versary!

I must admit, I’ve found much more of a thrill in connecting with you guys through writing than I ever imagined. The feedback itself has been fulfilling in such a special, indescribable way.

I’ve been posting once a week, every Wednesday so far. You may think I’m prompt and carefully planned it that way but it’s turned out to be a massive coincidence. I suddenly feel a sense of responsibility to post on every Hump Day. 

However, its 10:07 on a Wednesday night and here I am finally focused enough to begin this week’s post. Procrastination, ladies and gentlemen, the only habit of mine that manages to shine even brighter than my chronic hobby quitting is my need to procrastinate. I’m fully aware of this character flaw of mine.

I procrastinate to get ready for work in the mornings. I sleepily fumble with my phone and ignore the screeching alarms for almost an hour just to get out of bed seven minutes before it’s time to leave. I procrastinate to go to the grocery store because I don’t mind snacking on some chicken ramen noodles before it’s necessary to roam around the endless aisles of food. I procrastinated in college when it came to writing papers rambling about nothing I cared about. I gladly spent ample amounts of time searching for the lone wolf that was willing to complete my assignment overnight in exchange for a pretty penny.

I even stupidly procrastinated to train for a half marathon. I signed up for it with my sister because she told me I’d get a free t-shirt and who doesn’t like free t-shirts? Plus, I’m always up for a challenge.

Side note – Some of you out there might let “half marathon” roll right off your tongue because it’s not the fuuuullllll marathon. I’m here to tell you to shove that thought right back up where the sun doesn’t shine. Sign up for one yourself and then to really put into perspective what you’ve gotten yourself into, do this. Get in the car, find a nice quiet neighborhood to putts around in, take note of your starting mileage and then drive for thirteen miles and imagine running for that long. I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

Another side note – no rational person pays money to join forces with a huge group of strangers to run thirteen or more miles for joyous purposes. I understand that. Runners are a different breed of humans. (To clarify, I’m not in the least categorizing myself as a runner. I’m a certified couch potato that works out twice maybe three times a month if I’m feeling ambitious.)

So I had five long months to prepare for a half marathon but me prepping for anything five months in advance? Laughable.

Low and behold, two weeks before this half marathon, I had the ultimate, for lack of a better term, oh shit moment. I’d never run further than three miles at once let alone thirteen of those bad boys. I frantically started this so called training and the most I ran was six miles with a heavy dose of pre-work out.

I stopped overthinking the training idea because I was too far gone down the procrastination trail. There was no time for my body to genuinely adjust in that short amount of time. I knew I screwed myself over waiting until the last minute this time, but there was no way I wasn’t going to cross finish line with my sister even if I had to crawl to it.

My mom, dad, a two friends of my sister and I were there to cheer us on bright and early that morning. There was no turning back. I didn’t have a choice but to put all the faith in the world in myself.

The first mile was long. Although “twerk radio” blasting through my head phones is quite motivational, all I could think about was how much further I had to go. I quickly came to my senses that if I was going to survive without having a mental break down ten minutes in, I needed to improve my thought process immediately.

It worked. My sister and I knocked out three to four miles only stopping briefly to sip some water from our handy dandy water holder waist band. My body and I were right on schedule to what it we were physically prepared for because anything further than three miles was uncharted territory.

It was then I began to see grasp how absolutely pointless that six mile run on a treadmill the week before was. I should’ve ran six miles at least sixteen times.

Twistedly enough, the uphill section began as soon as my legs were ready to disconnect from my body and find a new appreciative owner.

I was exhausted. My feet were exhausted. My shoe strings were exhausted. My hair tie was exhausted. I was giving everything in me at that point not to slow my sister down, whom for the record, actually trained for this.

I had a flashback to mile one and had to snap myself out of it again. We were only a fourth of the way done and we had eight freakin’ miles to go.

I was forced to not only learn but truly understand the meaning of mind over matter that day. It was the only solution. My body was done for but I knew my mind had the potential to could go forever. I made it as simple as possible. I needed to put one foot in front of the other. I was getting closer and closer to the finish line with every stride I took.

My sister and I didn’t let our walk breaks last long at all because we understood it was almost damaging to do so. Every time we slowed down, we began to feel the aches and pains brewing within. Not to mention, the longer we walked the longer we experienced the outlandish reality we were in the middle of a half marathon and the only way to end it was to keep running.

Every mile marker we zoomed by was a blessing.

The last 200 meters truly felt like eternity, but the cheers and honking of horns from all the bystanders gave me the last push I needed. Two hours and twenty minutes later, we did it. My sister and I crossed the finish line with the only speckle of energy we had left presenting smiles full of relief as the man over the intercom announced our achievement. We ran right into the arms of our loved ones showering us with excitement and disbelief we actually did it.

I was so proud of myself for doing the impossible that I could’ve cried. It didn’t matter how physically tired my body was because I acknowledged the fact my mind was more powerful than anything and used it to my advantage.

I ran thirteen miles with no prior training with the soul help of a positive mind and my sister. For those, I’m grateful.

It was the longest two hours and twenty minutes of my life but it was just as rewarding as the love that pours in from you guys every time I complete a blog post. It’s all my favorite people, even some strangers, cheering for me from the sidelines, reminding me how proud they are and to keep going.

We can’t control everything in our lives, but we are in control of how we conduct ourselves. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible to steer yourself into a different, more pleasant direction. Teach yourself to shake off the negative, harsh thoughts & keep pushing. 

I’m flourishing into the amazing young woman I’ve always aspired to be because I got tired of waking up every morning wishing I could sleep the day away like that was going to solve my problems. Yes, I’m in a long term relationship with my snooze button, but nevertheless, I get out of bed feeling hopeful because I finally took control of my life.

I’m unstoppable and you are too as long as you believe it. The mind is a not only a terrible, but a foolish thing to waste. 

7 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. You can do anything!
    And that accomplishment is something you will look back on a million times and you’ll feel proud all over again each time – as you should. No matter what else happens in your life, you can say “but I ran that half-marathon, by golly!”

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  2. Oh WoW Sarah! You’re naturally talented writer!!! Seems the words you pen just pour out so naturally beautiful! Why have I not discovered your posts before? I AM AMAZED! You’re still young on this writing thing I believe but do believe me if I say so, you will be heard and heard loudly by many! 👍👍❤️👌👌 Keep on writing!

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  3. This mom couldn’t be prouder of the half marathon sister duo team! Oh and one other thing was that it was cold that day and raining up until just a few minutes before the marathon started. So we didn’t get to cheer for them like we wanted to all along the course because the weather was so cold for the sane people who weren’t running. Their cheerleaders sat in the car to keep warm. We tracked them on the find my iphone app to know when to expect them nearby so we could get out and pretend like we had been standing outside in the inclement weather the entire time! Ha! Great accomplishment for both! Watching this event I think was enlightening for all of us who saw all kinds of people running… young children to even a few “older” people and all ages, shapes, and sizes in between so it is just Mind over Matter to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Great writing! C’mon next Wednesday!

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  4. You left out the part about losing BOTH of your big toe nails because you didn’t train or have the proper shoes to run 13.1 miles. 🙂

    Great post sis!!

    -the sister that trained for the half marathon

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